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wool shawl black

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Sharai Wool Shawls are another great addition to the wardrobe for those who want to embrace the traditional look with class and elegance.

Sure to be one of your favorites, this Shawl is an admirable design crafted by master artisans to fit your traditional desire.

At MaanCraft, we strive for perfection when it comes to selecting a craft with timeless beauty. Therefore, we make sure everyone experiences happiness when they wear MaanCraft’s handcrafts.

Every stitch tells a story of creativity and 100 years of hands-on experience. Our artisans mix a bond of happiness and care whenever they craft MaanCraft Icons for you.

We are offering the following features.

  • Made from domestic goat’s wool
  • We bring you Shawls; the same zest and joy that was once afforded by royals only
  • Using the same methods of making for centuries
  • Only the best materials are selected
  • only the best master artisans have been selected to give an experience that is truly unmatched.
  • Made with centuries-old methods of craftsmanship

This handcrafted shawl is made with premium quality wool to ensure comfort, luxury, and ease. Traditionally, the Pashtun bridegroom has always been dressed with this design to provide a very regal look, however now it’s the perfect choice for any formal occasion.

You can complete your traditional looks with MaanCraft’s Wool Shawl and embrace a classic style with us.

wool shawl black
wool shawl black Sale priceRs.3,200 Regular priceRs.5,599